Tis the Season–Gift Giving

I’ve seen so many articles floating around lately regarding gift giving this holiday season.  In the world of Amazon Prime and Deals of the Day, we as consumers are inundated with sales on “must have items” and products.  Instant-Pots, smart watches, smart…. Everything.  But let me ask you something—are these the gifts you remember?  Do you always use those things you just HAD to have or are they now taking up cabinet or closet space and causing even more clutter in your life?

I’d encourage you this holiday season to re-think your gift giving and give the gift of experience.  This can mean a lot of different things—It can mean a weekend getaway to your favorite Bed & Breakfast (hey, we know a great place! **wink**) or zoo passes for your kids.  When I think back to last Christmas, I can hardly remember what I even received and the toys we bought our children, for the most part, are long forgotten.  What we don’t forget are experiences we share with our family and friends. Those are memories that can last a lifetime and bring so much joy to the giver and the recipient of the gift.

We’d love to hear your ideas on “experiences” you’ve given in the past or are planning for this holiday season! Tell us about it!